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Join the Teckwah family

We’re looking for committed individuals to help us continue delivering unparalleled customer experience. 

Working at Teckwah means overcoming challenges with commitment, passion, and a collective spirit

Teckwah is a value-driven company, our core values form the foundation of our company’s existence, and they guide us in our strategies as well as our everyday decisions. Our continuous pursuit for excellence has resulted in our exponential growth and transformation from a small, local enterprise to a group of companies with a growing global presence. 

At Teckwah, we are the catalyst for change in supply chain.

How have we gotten here?
By allowing our employees to grow with Teckwah. We believe in sharing our success with all our employees. Our supportive work environment provides employees with the support and autonomy that they need to fulfil their current and future aspirations.


If you join us, there are four values with which you will quickly become familiar as they form the foundation of the Teckwah culture. If these values resonate with you, then come help us shape the future of Teckwah.


The "we-over-me" mentality


Every employee is an integral part of Teckwah and the work we do, with equal opportunities to participate. We believe in cultivating a symbiotic working relationship ⎯ working cooperatively to achieve Teckwah’s common goals. 


Our people are our greatest assets, and they are an integral part of the Teckwah family. We’re only as great as our employees who embody our values, and we are dedicated to providing them with sufficient resources as they grow with us. As a team, we are our mission.


At Teckwah, we build and nurture our relationships with one another based on trust and mutual respect.

A progressive career

Exposure to and opportunities for advancement across our full spectrum of global business units and functions, ranging from packing to supply chain solutions.

Continued learning

Holistic and targeted learning and development approach that propels every employee to his or her fullest potential.

Facilitate change

Employees are given the flexibility and empowerment to seek transformative ideas that enhances their work environment and workflow.

"Teckwah is a company that focuses on talent development and growth. Our extensive network and breadth of businesses mean employees can explore different roles and opportunities within the organisation. I looking forward to you joining our big Teckwah family."

 Chua Ai Ling, Managing Director

"Due to my role, I get to handle different accounts, travel to different countries,
pick up different skill sets, meet different people and be exposed to different job areas – I'm pretty satisfied to have achieved quite a lot since I joined Teckwah in '99."

Sherlin Lee, Business Operations Director


"We are always looking for excellence and the best ways to conduct our businesses, with the right approach and attitude. These, in my humble opinion, reflect us as a forward-looking company."

Patrick Kam, Business Operations Director

"This is the one place where I really get to experience everything through job rotations, overseas exposures and from the roles I take ― the possibilities to explore are endless."

Calvin Ong, Sourcing and Purchasing Manager

Open Opportunities

Our diverse businesses in packaging and supply chain solutions allow our people to be exposed to and advance across the full spectrum of business units and functions.

Explore our open roles here.

Logistics Executive

Gul Circle, Singapore

Assistant Business Development Manager/Business Development Manager (Packaging Printing)

Tai Seng, Singapore

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