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Teckwah's Sustainability Story

Teckwah strongly believes in creating shared value for all its stakeholders through sustainable business practices. We are committed to operating in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manner. We will continue to diversify our business and seek opportunities to evolve whilst digitalising our internal operations and using innovative practices to deliver sustainable solutions.

"We are committed to sustainable business practices and aim to maximise the positive impact of our businesses on society while minimising the negative environmental impact."

― Thomas Chua, Executive Chairman

The importance of value chain collaboration to achieve excellence in sustainability is chief amongst Teckwah's business strategies. By applying high sustainability standards throughout our operations and supply chain, we are committed to increasing awareness among our global suppliers and customers.

For details on our sustainability performance, please refer to the 2020 Sustainability Report below.


A sustainable value chain ensures that our products are produced in a responsible manner, without trade-offs in performance, quality, or value.

Packaging Printing Operations

Energy-efficient technologies and strategies

Sustainable practices

Customer Operations &
End-User Experience

Packaging designs that reduce waste generation

Improve customers' product sustainability

Raw Materials

Green/biodegradable raw materials

Supplier environmental assessment

Logistics Distribution

Green transportation solutions

Socially responsible practices


Sustainable packaging designs and materials that allow recyclability of products

Reverse logistics


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