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The company is like a rotating spiral sculpture 
solid yet fluid

We took our first steps, starting a business that specialised in producing packaging boxes. Today, we have successfully repositioned our brand from a simple provider to a creator of solutions. Rooted in history and philosophy, the Teckwah Brand is both company’s founding success and its future growth.

The late Honorary Founder, Mr Chua Seng Tek, established Teck Wah Seng Kee in 1968, with the simple purpose of providing a better life for his large family. Then, the company was a backyard start-up, producing plain paper boxes. The pacesetter of the company, he exemplified teamwork, initiative, commitment, and continuous improvement ― the 4 core values of Teckwah today. Though firm in management, he treated employees with fairness and benevolence; and focused on staff development and creating a workforce endearingly known as the “Big Teckwah Family”. These qualities (and more) eventually formed the Teckwah Spirit.​

"Through the years, the company’s ability to transform and withstand adversity is attributed to its philosophy of  'Change vs. Un-change' ― which is embodied in the spiral symbol that forms an integral part of the brand logo. With a favourable external environment, the business adapts to maximise growth opportunities. In times of recession, the business stays prudent, resilient and rooted in its unwavering core values."

By reinventing and transforming its business models, Teckwah methodically pursues change to stay relevant in an everchanging business landscape. From excelling in Packaging Printing to diversifying into the Logistics and Lifestyle segments, the Group continues to build on its portfolio of capabilities, invest for future sustainable growth, and excel in the products, services and experience delivered to customers. And the Brand remains the key thrust in fulfilling and perpetuating its vision of becoming the preferred partner of global companies, creating and delivering the best-in-class value chain solutions worldwide. 

Onward into the future, the Group continues to seek sustainable growth opportunities both organically and inorganically. Its next generation of leaders will work towards transforming the company and its workforce to be equipped and ready to embrace new technologies and business ventures, beyond traditional markets and geographical areas. Big enough to cope but always small enough to care, Teckwah is the catalyst for better business.​


A true embodiment of the unique culture of Teckwah. Its distinctive melody and lyrics communicate and reinforce the company's values and spirit and give a sense of identity to its employees.

Teckwah Forging Forward!
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